Hockey: Stalemate against Romford

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Harlow 2s 0-0 Romford 2s

A GOAL-LESS draw was well fought by both sides. Harlow had a few scoring opportunities that were kept away by the Romford defence and goalie. Each team played well, with all players doing there bit in attacking and defending.

In the first half both sides seemed evenly matched, with defenders Olivia, Nicole and Claire keeping Romford at arms length and not allowing them any opportunity to get a goal. Harlow got a lucky break when a short corner was awarded to them for a Romford foot in the D, the ball was pushed out by Sarah Alderson to Sarah Donaghey who slipped it to Lara Horrax but a goal was denied by the Romford keeper. A Romford injury where the ball travelled up a player’s stick and hit them in the head gave both teams a little rest time as it was determined the severity of the injury. The player was taken off the pitch to return back after a few minutes. As it neared closer to the half time whistle, Romford managed to get a shot on goal that was saved by keeper Sandra keeping the score at 0-0.

After an inspiring team talk from the captain Sarah Alderson, Harlow come out looking the stronger team. Within a short time frame the forwards Tracey, Tanishka and Stephanie bombarded the Romford defence with shots but never managed to get it past the keeper or the defenders. Harlow were awarded another two short corners which again amounted to no goal. Both teams battled hard, with the Harlow midfielders Lucy, Sarah Alderson, Sarah Donaghey and Lara continuously running the length of the pitch. In the last few moments of the second half Romford was awarded a short corner which was kept out by defender Nicole who had not long come back on from a hand injury.

Lucy Dearman got a well deserved player of the match.

Sandra Figg
Olivia Figg
Nicole Donaghey
Claire Burgess
Lucy Dearman
Sarah Donaghey
Sarah Alderson
Lara Horrax
Tanishka Naidoo
Tracey Taylor
Stephanie Hawes

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