Stewards Academy hit the Big Apple

Communities / Sat 1st Mar 2014 at 12:40pm

STEWARDS Academy set off on it’s 13th New York adventure under the now experienced guidance of Debbie Fargeot. 44 year 11 pupils and 4 lucky staff headed off to the Big Apple – and immediately wondered if they had detoured into the Winter Olympics, as nine inches of snow came down on them in a few hours!

Undaunted, and despite only being there for three days, they adjusted their schedule, and set off to visit The Statue of Liberty via the Staten Island ferry, Tiffanys in Fifth Avenue, and even managed to trudge across the Brooklyn Bridge in the snow, sludge and ice.

On Valentine’s Day they were able to survey a magical snow covered New York scene from the top of the Empire State Building as well as witnessing several nervous couples taking their wedding vows!

One of the many highlights of this trip was walking through a snowy Central Park in order to get to the famous ice skating rink where the pupils were able to skate in the snow!

Trip organiser Debbie Fargeot said: “stewnycEvery trip I have taken to New York has been memorable in a different way, but the weather presented us with particular challenges this year, and the way the pupils coped with the challenging conditions without any complaints was really impressive. We all have some special memories which will last us a lifetime.’

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