Halfon praised as bingo duty halved in budget

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HARLOW MP Robert Halfon was praised by the chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, after he reduced bingo duty as part of the 2014 budget.

Mr Osborne said the number of bingo halls had “plummeted” by three quarters over the past 30 years and so bingo duty will be halved to 10 per cent.

This follows a concerted campaign by Mr Halfon in support of Harlow bingo halls, businesses and residents who play the game.

Robert Halfon called it “a workers’ budget for hardworking people. There are increased apprenticeships, tax cuts for lower earners, boosts for small businesses, and help for savers.”

“This Government has a relentless focus on working people and helping those on a low income. These new measures mean that families will be better off. The increase in personal allowance will mean that people can choose how to spend their own money, and means that the average worker will be £800 better off than they would have been under Labour’s plans.

I am also delighted to see the Chancellor extending the benefits that businesses in Enterprise Zones benefit from, and this will provide a further boost to employment in Harlow, following on from the good news that unemployment has continued to fall in the last month”.

The measures announced in the budget include the following:

Helping Businesses:

£7 billion package to cut energy bills for British businesses. Cutting the cost of manufacturing throughout England.

Investment allowances on plants and machinery raised to £500,000. 99.8% of businesses will get 100% investment allowance.

Enterprise Zone advantages extended for another 3 years.

Corporation tax down to 21% from 28% this year, will reach 20% next year. Businesses won’t have to pay NI for under 21s next year.

Extended grant for small businesses to support over 100,000 more apprentices and develop degree level apprenticeships.

Doubling amount of lending for exports to £3 billion, and interest rates cut by 1/3rd.

Helping Families with the cost of living:

INCREASING THE PERSONAL ALLOWANCE TO £10,500: This will take 3 million of the lowest paid out of tax and save the average taxpayer £800 per year.

CHILDCARE: Increasing tax free childcare from £1,200 to £2,000 per child per year, covering 20% of the cost. This will benefit 2 million families from September 2014.

CANCELLING FUEL DUTY INCREASE: Fuel duty will be frozen until the end of this Parliament. This will save the average family 20p per litre than under Labour’s plans, amounting to around £680 per year.

ALCOHOL DUTY: Duty frozen on West country cider, Duty on Scotch whisky frozen, beer duty cut by 1p for the second year running

Helping Savers:

Single new ISA created to make it more flexible, and annual limit increased to £15,000.

Abolish the 10p rate on savings income. The 10p starting rate on savings income will become a zero-pence rate. The zero-pence band will expand up to £5,000 of savings income. 1.5 million low income savers will benefit.


HELP TO BUY: Extended until the end of the decade.

BOOSTING SMALL BUILDERS: £500 million help to build scheme for SME builders.


BINGO: Bingo tax halved.

POTHOLES: £200 million for local authorities to bid for to repair potholes.

FLOOD DEFENCES: £140 million extra for flood defences.

AIR PASSENGER DUTY REFORMED: Bands C and D abolished, so same duty levied flying to USA and Asia
£10 million of Govt support for Guides, Scouts, cadets, air ambulance, search and rescue, and other voluntary groups from Libor fines.

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