Leah Manning Centre is for everyone urges campaigners

Communities / Mon 31st Mar 2014 pm31 05:11pm

By Eric White and Jack Wikinson

HARLOW pensioners are fighting for a community centre to have its doors open to everyone. Harlow Pensioner’s Action Association believe the council’s eligibility assessments to use the Leah Manning Centre on Park Lane are unnecessary.


The campaign, under the slogan ‘united we stand, divided we fall’, is part of an appeal to make some elderly services in Harlow more inclusive.

Les Coben, 83, Chairman of the group, said: “The Leah Manning Centre was built with pensioners in mind and should be for everyone, now people have to be assessed.”

The pensioner’s association have linked the lack of places to socialise to the on-going problem of isolation within the elderly community.

The Leah Manning Centre opened in 1980 and provides specialist day care for the elderly under contract with Essex County Council.

The centre holds quizzes, reminiscence, recall and discussions to help maintain social connection from 8:30am to 4:45pm on Mondays to Fridays.

The pensioner’s association are also campaigning for more unity between young and elderly people in Harlow.

Mr Coben added: “Nobody cares about us or the young.”

Member of the association, Tom Topley, said: “We want the young and old to work together, we’re not just fighting for pensioners but for rights of the young and old.”

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