So why is it open season on the BP Garage on Southern Way?

Crime / Thu 3rd Apr 2014 at 12:05pm

By Eric White

BP HAS said the security of their service station is “not a problem” after the recent string of thefts from the garage store on Southern Way in Harlow.

The theft from BP in on February 21st was the latest in a significant number from the service station, dating back several months.

They were unwilling to talk about any steps they may take regarding security or about any other changes made to the store following the most recent incident of theft.

In August 2013, four separate accounts of thefts from the M&S Store in the service station were reported, with one offender believed to be the same individual who committed a theft from the store on a mobility scooter on October 2nd, later that year.

It is normal procedure for service stations such as BP to use CCTV as the main method of security for crimes such as shoplifting.

The service stations’ in-store cameras have filmed many incidents taking place but this deterrent does not seem to be a solution to the continuing problem.

Other service stations in Harlow don’t appear to be suffering at the hands of thieves to the extent BP is in strange trend developing at the service station.

Esso Garage Service Station in Harlow said they had “no thefts for months” from their store, and describing shoplifting as “something that has never happened on a regular basis.”

An employee from Sainsbury’s in Harlow, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “We have an odd one every now and again but never a frequent spell such as (the one in Southern Way) recently.”

Anyone who knows of any information regarding any of the thefts should contact Harlow Police on 101.

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