Nishall’s Blog: Working with the Community Safety Team

Communities / Tue 8th Apr 2014 at 11:05am

OVER the last month I have been working with Harlow Council’s Community Safety Team. It has been absolutely amazing and I can’t thank the whole team enough for letting me shadow them and for making me feel welcome.

Harlow Council Community Safety Officers include Community Safety Enforcement Officers, Clean Neighbourhood Enforcement Officers, Community Rangers, a CCTV Officer and Antisocial Behaviour Enforcement Officers.

Community Rangers, partnered with their own dog, look after our open spaces, Council buildings and the safety and security of our playgrounds, public toilets and ponds, 24/7.

The Antisocial Behaviour Enforcement Officers work in partnership with other agencies including Essex Police, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, social services and education services who work together to develop co-ordinated and strategic solutions to problems.

During my time with the Community Safety Team, I went out on patrol with the Dog Rangers where I learnt about animal welfare, patrolling of Council property and looking after our open spaces. I also went out with the CCTV Officer and learnt about CCTV around our shopping areas, as well as how CCTV can help the Council to do its work for the safety of our community.

I also went out with a Clean Neighbourhood Enforcement Officer where I learnt about how fly tipping affects the community and the Council, and also about clean-up process.

Whilst with the Community Safety Enforcement Officer, I went to Essex Police HQ to talk about he recruitment of police officers, what happens when people call 101 or 999 and to talk about the history of Essex Police. We also visited the Crown Court in Chelmsford to learn about court procedures and types of cases.

I also spent time with the Schools Officer, paying a visit to a school and giving a talk to Year 6 students about personal safety and citizenship. I got to help out at Crucial Crew, which was fantastic!

My time with the Community Safety Team was outstanding and I loved every moment. The Community Safety Team is so important to Harlow because it aims to educate perpetrators of offences by making them understand the consequences of antisocial behaviour and trying to make them change their behaviour in order to improve the community.

I would like to thank Marysia, Carolyn, Faith, Louise, Jolene, Paul, Eddie, James D, James P, Nathan and Ron, and the Community Ranger Dogs Skye, Hollie and Rox for all they do for the safety of Harlow. I loved spending time with all of you; you have given me some excellent memories which will stay with me forever. Thank you!

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