Review of Snow White by Harlow Ballet

Communities / Wed 23rd Apr 2014 at 02:06pm

By Harry Tennison

So going into Harlow Ballet’s production of Snow White, I had this in the back of my mind. However no sooner was it there then it was annihilated, abolished and ignored because I loved it! The production, choreographed by Hayley Burns was truly excellent!

The story stuck to the original fairy tale, as opposed to Disney’s adaptation, (so there were no little dwarves running around!) Instead, Snow White, performed by Emily Bird, was accompanied by the Huntsman, who Joe Bishop conveyed excellently, and a group of rebels, who rounded the group off especially well.

They also managed to put their stage combat skills to the test, taking on the Raven Army of the witch, Ravenna, who Claire Hickles shone as, in what was an excellent finale!

Groups of dancers made up the King’s Court, a nearby village and a group of fairies who arrived to guide Snow White, stretching the story beyond the central characters and truly transporting us into the magical land in which we were a part of.

It is without any doubt, therefore, that I say that this was the best ballet I think I’ve seen. I thoroughly enjoyed myself from start to finish and I look forward to whatever Harlow Ballet has in store for us next!

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