It’s a Bugs Life at Cooks Spinney!

Communities / Wed 7th May 2014 at 03:43pm

CHILDREN overcame their fears as they handled snakes, spiders and hissing cockroaches in their classroom.

Lessons on mini beasts came to life when Jungle Jo visited reception classes at Cooks Spinney Primary School, in Cooks Spinney, Harlow, with her alternative pets.

Despite initial fears, every child plucked up the courage to handle the vast array of creatures.

The visit was part of the young pupils’ project on mini beasts, where they have been going on insect hunts, role playing in a science lab and reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar as part of their studies. They will also watch their own classroom caterpillars turn into butterflies before releasing them in the summer.

Francesca Harris, reception class teacher, said: “The children have been overwhelmed. Some were terrified at the start of the session, but soon got their confidence and all handled each little visitor.”

Jungle Jo introduced the children to her giant African snail, hissing cockroach, stick insect, tarantula, millipede and not so mini beast python, giving the classes lots of facts along the way.

Deputy headteacher Stuart Pope said: “This is one of our new themed events called wow days where we invite visitors in to bring the curriculum to life.”

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