Review: Jethro and the magic of comedy

Communities / Sat 10th May 2014 at 04:06pm

JETHRO is a clever comedian. His comedy is like magic. He gets you to look one way and then the punchline hits you from the opposite angle.

No wonder he has a joke that involves logic. Jethro or Geoff Rowe is far from as daft as he looks. It is as if he has worked out the formula for making folk laugh.

Jethro played to a packed Harlow Playhouse on Friday night and had them rolling in the aisles for close to two hours.

The Cornishman has great comic timing. From the Fox Hat at the beginning to the farewell at the end. We can only say the topics of some of the jokes as we wouldn’t want to shock or offend but the jokes that involved Tescos, top decks of buses, one-armed men in toilets were very funny.

The jokes are, what they coined in the seventies as “Blue” but he has such a twinkle in his eye that they are never malicious or harmful.

He builds up images in his work, he is so rhythmic in his language and then hits you with the punchline.

Yes, it does feel like an act that would be better suited in a pub or tavern. Yes, it was too long. And we couldn’t quite see the point of the singer who accompanied him beyond filling out the show.


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