Ward by Ward: Great Parndon: Could UKIP let Labour in?

Politics / Tue 13th May 2014 at 08:56am

ESSEX County Councillor, Karen Clempner is hoping that this seat is a Labour gain. They may well do that. One of the reasons is that popular Joshua Jolles who regained the seat in 2010, left the Conservative group last year and became an Independent. He then started the Harlow Independent Party and that is the banner he is standing on this time. As affable a chap as he is, many people will vote on party lines. All he may do is split the vote and let cllr Clempner in.

Cllr Jolles won the seat by 404 votes in 2010. A popular year for the Conservatives. That was reduced to 236 in 2011 and then to 25 in 2012 when Eddie Johnson sneaked in. That does not auger well for the Conservatives even though they have a very capable Clive Souter standing.

Karen Clempner also has the added benefit of her husband, cllr Jon Clempner, who is a very shrewd campaigner who has the scientific approach to campaigning down to a fine point.

The ward has the relatively affluent areas down Kingsmoor Road but the voters there may be the ones that might turn out for UKIP. That may be true of Katherines as well, so it will be interesting to see how many votes Terry Spooner polls.

YH prediction: Labour gain: 125



Karen Clempner (Lab)
Joshua Jolles (HIP)
Clive Souter (Cons)
Terry Spooner (UKIP)

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