Labour outrage as Essex Tory councillors vote for extra allowances

Politics / Wed 14th May 2014 at 12:14pm

Yesterday (Tuesday 13th May 2014) at a Council meeting of Essex County Council, Tory councillors voted against saving School Crossing Patrols, devolving budgets to local councils for pothole repairs, and against a Living Wage for council staff, while at the same time appointing two of their own as extra ‘Deputy Cabinet members’, and paying them an extra £13,335 a year in the process.

Cllr Karen Clempner (Labour, Harlow West) said:

“On issues that really matter to Harlow residents, like repairing potholes, keeping the street lights on, and keeping our remaining School Crossing Patrols, the Tory controlled County Council have their heads in the sand.

Complaints and compensation claims from motorists and pedestrians are up, and Essex County is the 5th worst in the country for road maintenance, yet some of them are claiming the roads are getting better and there is no problem. I’d suggest that they come and speak to angry residents in Harlow. As one resident said, now they have turned off the lights at midnight, they can’t even see the potholes they are falling in to.

When they are cutting the Youth Services budget, and falling short when keeping our roads safe and in good order, paying their own councillors extra money as deputies for already highly paid Cabinet members (Cabinet members in Essex County Council get £35,000 a year) is just wrong. Once again they have shown that they are looking after themselves at the expense of Harlow people.”

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