Police and Tories clash over Gypsy Traveller site in Katherines Way, Harlow

Politics / Fri 16th May 2014 at 12:04pm

HARLOW MP, Robert Halfon, and local councillor Andrew Johnson, have written to both Nick Alston, Essex Police and Crime Commissioner, and the Chief Constable of Essex Police, demanding for action to be taken regarding the travellers on Katherine’s Way.

IN the letter, they describe the distress and inconvenience that has been caused to local Harlow residents by the traveller (which includes noise and extra mess), and outline the measures that have so far been taken by Essex Council. They then go on to ask why the Police have so far not used a Section 61 notice to force them to move on.

Their frustration is echoed by local councillor David Carter who is being inundated by resident near to the Katherines way area who are shocked and horrified by the debris, rubbish and human detritus that is being left there.

However, they have also been shocked by the police telling them that the circumstances at Katherines way does not fall into the area where they can issue what is called a Section 61 notice.

The letter states: “Harlow residents are understandably extremely distressed by this situation, and I would therefore appreciate your comments regarding why a Section 61 notice has not yet been deployed, and if there are plans to use one, as soon as possible.”

Asked about this issue, Robert Halfon MP said: “I am very concerned about the distress and inconvenience caused to many Harlow residents by the travellers’ refusal to follow an order issued by Essex County Council for them to move on. It is unacceptable that the area around Katherine’s Way has become messy and dangerous, with some people telling me that human excrement has been found on the cycle paths. It is not good enough, and I urge Essex Police to use a Section 61 Notice to force them to move on”.

Cllr Andrew Johnson commented “Harlow and Essex councils are doing their bit in seeking court orders to make travellers leave, but the police also have powers to make travellers move on and I want the police to use these in Harlow to stop this blight on our town.”

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