Rolling Harlow Election Coverage

Politics / Thu 22nd May 2014 at 09:32pm

Keep checking back for our up-to-the-minute coverage of the local elections:

22:20: The ballot boxes have arived and counting has begun. -M

22:35: Counting has officially begun! -M

22:53: European votes have been sepearted from local votes and the counters are currently making sure there are the right amount of sheets so no votes are lost. Local vote counting will begin soon. -M

00:00: Labour councillor Emma Toal explains, “Right now we’re still waiting, but we have no idea, it’s anybody’s game,” however, early signs show that the Mark Hall ward have heavily voted UKIP. -M

00:10 UKIP councillor Peter Buss is feeling confident ahead of the results declaring, “I never lose at anything.”– J

00:38: Robert Halfon MP is exhausted after a day of campaigning and says, “I really have no idea what’s going to happen.” -M

01:20: Emma Toal tells us we’re 5-10 minutes from the count beginning. -M

01:25: Harlow’s youngest UKIP candidate (Sumners and Kingsmoor), Alexander Addison – ‘I’m enjoying a bit of Schadenfreude.” -J

01:28: Lots of talk about a ‘Basildon style’ UKIP success happening here in Harlow. -J

01:30: counting has finally begun! -M

01:35: Official percentage of Harlow voters in the European Election: 34.26% –M

01:39: Percentage of voters is 8% higher than the 2012 European election. -M

02:12 Alexander Addison UKIP –  “There’s not much in it, but it’s not me.” -J

02:18: Joshua Jolley, Independent candidate for Great Parndon, reflects on expected dissapointing result – “What’s so unfair is that people have shown their anger for Cameron and all the thinsg that he has done. We should have had a referendum on Europe a long time ago.” -M

02:23: First Results just coming in now all seats held:

Harlow Common: Labour

Netteswell: Labour

Sumners and Kingsmoor: Conservatives

Toddbrook: Labour

02:39: More Results:

Hare Street and Little Parndon: Labour

Bush Fair: UKIP

Staple Tye: UKIP

Old Harlow: Conservatives 

02:57: Final results are in:

Great Parndon: UKIP

Mark Hall: UKIP (2 Seats)

Church Langley: Conservative

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