Labour retain power in glorious night for UKIP

Politics / Fri 23rd May 2014 at 05:31am

HARLOW woke up to the news that they now have five UKIP candidates after the local council elections in 2014.

Bush Fair, Staple Tye, Mark Hall (x2) qnd Great Parndon all voted in UKIP councillors but Harlow Labour did just enough to retain power.

Bush Fair

Dan Long (UKIP) 744
Daniella Pritchard (Lab) 694
Ash Malik (Cons) 326
Christopher Robins (Lib Dem) 102
Bob McKenzie (Harlow Independent Party) 80

Maj: 50
Turnout: 33%

Church Langley

Tony Hall (Cons) 964
Mark Gough (UKIP) 739
Ken Lawrie (Lab) 417

Maj: 225
Turnout: 33%

Great Parndon

Terry Spooner (UKIP) 674
Clive Souter (Cons) 598
Karen Clempner (Lab) 596
Joshua Jolles (HIP) 165

Maj: 76
Turnout: 38%

Harlow Common

Maggie Hulcoop (Lab) 700
Sam Stopplecamp (UKIP) 674
John Steer (Cons) 417
Gary Roberts (Indep) 68
Kuzna Jackson (Lib Dems) 51

Maj: 26
Turnout: 33%

Little Parndon and Hare Street

Tony Durcan (Lab) 879
Harry Saunders (UKIP) 680
Shona Johnson (Cons) 442

Mark Hall (Two to be selected)

Jerry Crawford (UKIP) 662
Janet Doyle (UKIP) 646
Sheila Sullivan (Lab) 602
Danny Purton (Lab) 599
Emily Cross (Cons) 346
Jane Steer (Cons) 346
Lesley Rideout (Lib-Dem) 137
Robert Thurston (Lib Dems) 124

Turnout: 33%


Michael Danvers (Lab) 739
Patsy Long (UKIP) 548
Jim Pailing (Cons) 401
Chris Millington (Lib-Dems) 87

Maj: 191
Turnout: 33%

Old Harlow

Joel Charles (Cons) 918
Tom Newens (Lab) 602
Steven Witt (UKIP) 557
Mary Wiltshire (Lib-Dem) 102

Maj: 316
Turnout: 37%

Staple Tye

Bill Pryor (UKIP) 538
John Strachan (Lab) 477
Stevie Souter (Cons) 342
Ian Jackson (Lib Dems) 84
Zulqar Cheema (HIP) 76

Maj: 61
Turnout: 28%

Sumners and Kingsmoor

Nicholas Churchill (Cons) 686
Alexander Addison (UKIP) 628
Koi-Larbi Efua (Lab) 553

Maj: 58
Rod Truan (Lab) 706
Peter Buss (UKIP) 678
Michael Hardware (Cons) 452

Maj: 28

Turnout: 31%

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1 Comment for Labour retain power in glorious night for UKIP:

2014-05-24 22:35:24

Harlow Labour Party really should not be dismissing UKIP. We won the most seats on the night, and the popular vote with 34%. The new Council is Labour 17, Conservative 11 and UKIP 5. In short Labour only held onto the Council by those 26 votes in Harlow Common! With an extra 26 in Harlow Common, 28 in Toddbrook and 58 in Sumners & Kingmoor a Council balance of Labour 15, Conservative 10 and UKIP 8 - taking it to no overall control was just 112 votes away! The big old two parties were humbled - BIG TIME! Harlow's Purple Revolution has started!

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