Street lights in Harlow: Labour councillor says “not enough evidence”

Politics / Fri 30th May 2014 at 08:07am

A HARLOW councillor has poured cold water on evidence that thieves are waiting until street lights go off to strike.

Two weeks ago, YH published CCTV footage of what appears to be an attempt to break into a car in Purford Green. YH confirmed with the residents that an attempt break in took place. There was also two other thefts (with a similar MO on the street).

YH brought up the question of the footage with the prime minister, David Cameron in his recent visit.

Top Labour councillor, Ian Beckett has written a letter to Essex County Council and Essex Police, pleading for action to take place.

But none of this has impressed Bush Fair councillor Manu Doku when we presented the evidence to him.

Cllr Doku said: “Unfortunately, the ‘evidence’ provided was neither, in my view, reliable nor adequate to conclude we are seeing thieves in action.

“Perhaps further evidence might prove useful.”

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1 Comment for Street lights in Harlow: Labour councillor says “not enough evidence”:

2014-05-30 18:44:05

We recently had cctv fitted after I was burgled whilst out and had thefts from around properties. In the last 2 weeks I have caught on our CCTV my car being burgled twice, and car thieves around the street. I have CCTV footage of a car waiting for the street lights to go off and male youths getting out and walking in the darkness, some using their phone as a light. In the footage you can see our security lighting come on and the youths are not fazed, they know the pitch black darkness is near by and they are easily lost with a quick departure. I have given footage to the police and I call on each occasion to report when I see anyone suspicious. I wonder where Bush Fair councillor Manu Doku lives and if he has ever suffered a theft/break in. It rocks you to the core and you realise you are not safe in your own home. This has made a perfect backdrop for the thieves amongst us and I now lay basically waiting to watch and catch the next one appear out of the darkness and this should not be how I am spending my evenings. I will continue to gain evidence and push forward the right that every law abiding citizen deserves to feel safe.

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