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Politics / Wed 4th Jun 2014 at 02:57pm

By Nishall Garala

Hindu and Proud

Hello, this week my blog is most base around religion and faith, I don’t tend to cause offence to anyone but I believe regions and faiths are a strong belief and a brilliant form of guidance in someone’s life, and my religion and believes have made me who I am, and has led me into what I do.

Why am I a Hindu?

I was born into a family believing in Hinduism. I decided to follow Hinduism as guidance for life and to show me the strengths and weakness in my ways. To me, of all the religions in the world and all the good that mankind has done in the name of these religions, there is only one which stands out among the others for me and so I decided to follow it and still follow it now and don’t regret it.

I am proud to be a Hindu who is all inclusive and who stands for tolerance. I have no aspiration of getting something physical out of my faith such as wealth. I can detect no inconsistency in declaring that I can, without in any way whatsoever impairing the dignity of Hinduism, pay equal homage to the best of Islam, Christianity, Judaism and all other religions.

What has Hinduism taught me?

It has taught me to respect everyone and to go out in the world and treat everyone as my own.

It has given me an identity and a culture which has helped me to: become a youth councillor and help out in the wider community as well as giving me both self-pride and pride in my religion.

My religion has taught me to believe that: all human beings are divine, I can bring unity of existence through love, I should always speak the truth, encourage non-violence, have no desire to steal or possess and to always believe in God.

How has religion help me to become the person I am?

I am a Youth Councillor, Vice Chair of Waterhouse Moor Resident’s Association, Student Voice Ambassador and Student Governor for Harlow College and my job is to raise the voice of young people in the town. But why did I decide to do this job? The answer is that my faith has told me to help everyone and share my views and problems with everyone as well as listening to other people’s views and problems to make the community a better place to be.

An ideal community would be a place where people accept you for who you are and I for one will accept everyone and never discriminate against anyone as I am here to help strengthen the community. As a youth councillor I promote that all human beings are divine, and that unity of existence can be bought through love.

How can faith communities’ strength the wider community of Harlow?

Faith communities can always help Harlow; it can teach others about different traditions and cultures, which therefore can expand our knowledge of them and promote social harmony and community cohesion.

It can show there is difference in people but that it is a good difference and this can help prevent discrimination and promote equality.

We can strengthen the community by having more religious activities in public areas to teach the wider community to love and to accept the cultures and traditions of these wonderful religions.

Different faith communities can help Harlow by giving ideas in public consultations which bring out what is good for them and their views may be the same as for other faiths too. If we can join new ideas together by working together then we can make a strong bond and strengthen the community for the better.

Now to finish I leave you with a question which I will leave with you. That question is: how can we promote faith into our new young generation to help strengthen our community?

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