Harlow Council join forces in fight against litter

Politics / Thu 5th Jun 2014 at 02:25pm

HARLOW Council, along with the other Councils in Essex, is taking a unique approach to tackling litter by joining forces with three fast food giants to launch the first pan-Essex ‘Clean Essex Campaign’.

The Councils, supported by Keep Britain Tidy, RP2 media and The Highways Agency, will work alongside McDonalds, KFC and Domino’s Pizza to raise awareness of litter and the risk of fines for those that offend.

This is the first time a county-wide campaign of this type has been run. The drive against litter will see the fast food chains promoting anti-litter messages backed up by local activities and enforcement by Councils.

Councillor Phil Waite, Harlow Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environment, said: “Keeping the streets clean costs taxpayers over £17million a year in Essex. If people just put their litter in a bin Councils could save many thousands of pounds a year – and that money could be used to fund vital services for the whole community. Every year, the cost of picking up litter in Harlow costs Harlow Council Tax payers close to £2million a year.

“We are pleased that three big fast food companies are joining forces with us to really tackle the issue of litter head on and raise awareness across Essex. They have an important role to play and we hope this will lead to other businesses working with us to tackle litter.”

The campaign will see all McDonald’s, KFC and Dominos franchises across the county taking part and helping to raise awareness.

Cherry Lewis Taylor from McDonalds added: “It’s vital that everyone takes responsibility for tackling litter. From local businesses like mine to communities and the residents of Essex – we should all make a commitment to help protect our local environment and keep it clean.

Through this campaign, supported by our restaurants’ ‘Love Where You Live’ clean up events and daily litter patrols, we want to generate awareness of the issues, promote education on how best to dispose of rubbish and encourage everyone to act responsibly and pull together. Through our partnership with local authorities and other businesses throughout Essex, I am excited that this type of initiative will really start to make a difference in changing people’s behaviours.”

The Clean Essex campaign has also gained national support with Keep Britain Tidy supporting the joint approach to litter awareness.

Phil Barton, Chief Executive, Keep Britain Tidy said: “The Clean Essex partnership, where local authorities, businesses and communities are working together to tackle the problem of litter, is setting a fantastic example. No single organisation, charity or business can solve the problem of litter in isolation and to see all 14 Essex authorities coming together, with support from Essex County Council, McDonald’s and Keep Britain Tidy, to run a campaign across the county is exactly the approach we need to see at a regional and national level.

“The bill for cleaning up litter in England is now close to £1billion a year and this is a price that we can’t keep paying. Essex has realised that, by coming together, they can make a difference and we commend them for their leadership and focus.”

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