In praise of the Cooks Spinney Dads (and a few grand-dads as well)

Education: Primary / Mon 16th Jun 2014 at 08:04pm

By Michael Casey

I don’t usually break out into the first person but I have decided to make an exception for this piece.

My grand-daughter is in the reception class at Cooks Spinney Primary in Harlow.

My daughter Grace asked if I would go along to the Dads at school day on Friday. It co-incided with Father’s Day as well as part of the inclusive and positive culture at the school. Her father was working so I took up the challenge.

The whole morning was a delight. And praise has to go to all the fathers and grandfathers who turned up. There was around seventy who packed into the dining room, waiting to be sent to class.

It was a lovely morning and I really enjoyed colouring in a lion, writing out 1-100 and designing a flag for the World Cup (France-sorry!).

Millie was on hand to tell me what to do, where to sit, what pencils to use and how to hold scissors. We then went outside to discover the delights of sandpit, basketball hoops and more al fresco drawing.

It was a wonderful morning and a tribute to the culture that the whole school has developed over the last few years.

It was also obvious, sometimes contrary to popular opinion, that the dads that were there are the types of men who do read to their sons and daughters and are totally engaged in their education.

Well done gentlemen and well done Cooks Spinney.

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