Harlow residents given health advice ahead of Tour de France.

Health / Wed 2nd Jul 2014 am31 10:20am

WEST Essex Clinical Commissioning Group is advising people in the area to consider their health needs ahead of the Tour de France arriving in Essex on 7 July.

People that take medicines regularly are urged to make sure they have enough to cover them until after 7 July. If people find they do not have enough, and have a repeat prescription, they are advised to submit this as soon as possible. People can contact their local pharmacy if they are unsure or have any concerns.

People are also advised that prevention and self-care remain the most effective course of action for suitable healthcare issues. People are advised to keep hydrated and ensure they have the appropriate over the counter medication – for allergy relief, bites, stings, headaches and sickness and diarrhoea – in stock, ahead of the day. Advice on what you might need to keep in stock in your medicines cabinet is available from your community pharmacist ahead of the day.

While patients will still have access to GP services they are also invited to check the availability of their GP surgery as those affected by the route may be running an amended schedule of clinics.

Dr Rob Gerlis, chair of West Essex CCG, said: “People are being given lots of information ahead of this exciting event so our message is simply to consider your medication needs ahead of Monday 7 July.

“We’d also like to echo the advice to plan your journey ahead of the day as road closures may affect access to your local GP surgery and pharmacy.”

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