Labour anger as Tories block attempts for Harlow residents to have their say on streetlights

Politics / Tue 8th Jul 2014 pm31 02:05pm

TORY County Councillors have scuppered a bid by Labour to get the streetlights switched back on in Harlow claim Labour.

In a meeting of the full council on Tuesday 8th July, a Labour motion called on Essex County Council to consult with the public on which areas could be switched back on and for individual risk assessments to assess safety concerns. But the motion was defeated by 38 votes to 36.

There are growing calls in Harlow for the streetlights, which are switched off between 12am and 5am, to be switched back on. No countywide consultation was made by the council prior to streetlights being switched off. Labour has questioned whether the scheme will save taxpayers any money at all.

Essex County Council have spent £6.1m on a management system to implement the switch off. With £2.5m of this sum financed by borrowing, interest payments will see the cost to the taxpayer rise to £8.1m. The taxpayer will not see a saving until 2020/2021 but the lifespan of the asset management system runs until 2023 and will then have to be re-financed meaning long term savings will be minimal.

Suzy Stride, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Harlow, has raised a petition calling for the streetlights to be switched back on. Suzy said: “I’m really disappointed that a majority of County Councillors have refused to give people in Harlow the right to have their say. Our petition will continue and we will keep fighting for local people who want the lights switched back on.”

Harlow County Councillor Mike Danvers said: “Fear of Crime is rising with people in Harlow feeling particularly vulnerable. People want the street lights switched back on and the Labour group are committed to delivering this”

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2014-07-09 14:39:05

I've said this numerous times now. The three Leaders of the groups on Harlow Council need to get together and demand a rethink. The cost is ridiculous, and should not be a political football when every resident in Harlow agrees this is crazy. To put this into perspective - the £50K expense claim by disgraced Lord Hanningfield would pay for 1,250 street lights at the £40 a time they cost! Time for some UKIP common sense!

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