St Marks say “Wilkommen” to Germany

Education: Secondary / Sun 13th Jul 2014 at 05:56pm

FRIDAY 13th is a terrifying day for most people. But for twelve St Mark’s and St Ursula pupils from Geilenkirchen in Germany, it was the start of a wonderful experience as it was the day that their German partners arrived for a two week exchange.

germansSarah Van Der Lith of 9B said: “I was very nervous yet excited. I had never done anything like this before, and it was even new to our school, in Harlow. I loved every minute of it.” The German pupils praised their hosts’ generosity and the warmth of the welcome shown by St Mark’s pupils, not just their exchange partners. “I have made a friend for life,” said Hannah Heinrichs from class 9B at St Ursula.

On their return visit to Germany, St Mark’s pupils went to school; visited the cities of Aachen and Düsseldorf; and some went to Holland to explore the cobbled streets of Maastricht. “My social skills have improved and I am more confident when speaking German,” said Rosie Austen of 10N. “On the last night we dressed up to watch Germany against USA – I even played the vuvuzela.”

“From taking part in this trip I have gained a new, amazing friend and have met awesome, humble people whilst in Germany,” said Year 10 pupil Bonita Katende. “Being at home with the host families was a highlight for me because we have become very close and they are very warm and welcoming. The food is also another great thing.”

Mr Manzaroli (Head of Languages) added “We are really grateful to the parents for supporting the exchange. And a big thanks to the pupils, not just those who took the plunge and went to Germany, but the many others who made our guests so welcome while in England.”

Miss Heaphy (Headteacher) commented: “It was a pleasure to watch our pupils and staff hosting, for the first time, the staff and pupils of St Ursula’s. I was very proud of all who took on board this learning challenge.”

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