Harlow Tories quiz how Labour aim to recover £7,000 bill for illegal traveller camps

Politics / Mon 14th Jul 2014 at 11:39am

An open letter from Conservative councillor, Russell Perrin to Harlow Council leader, Jon Clempner.


I was appalled to hear last week that the cost so far incurred by Harlow Council in relation to illegal traveller encampments in the town has totalled £7,800. I am sure this figure will only grow as the illegal encampments are still here.

So I would like to ask the new Labour Leader of Harlow Council Jon Clempner will he be seeking to recover this cost from the travellers themselves. If the answer is no then the question should be why on Earth not? Councils have had the power to issue on the spot fines for littering for years and have been using them against residents in the most ridiculous of circumstances.

In 2009, Kerrie-Anne Hickin, 30, was given a £75 fine after a tissue she was using to wipe her nose blew away in strong winds as she ran to catch a bus in Oldbury, West Midlands. So too was a 71-year-old grandmother when a strand of cotton fell from one of her gloves as she was out shopping. Onlookers reported the look of astonishment on Valerie George’s face when a council warden for Gwent Council pointed out the thread on the pavement – and handed her a £75 spot fine for dropping litter.
o when Harlow council is left with having to clear away rubbish and bags of litter including human excrement I believe the people responsible should be paying for the clear up not hardworking council tax payers.

I look forward to hearing Cllr Clempner’s response.

Cllr Russell Perrin

Shadow Portfolio Holder for Resources

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