Waterhouse Moor residents call for action over speeding drivers

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waterREPRESENTATIVES from the Waterhouse Moor Residents Association (WMRA) have called for action to stem the flow of speeding drivers in their area.

The area is often used as a “rat-run” when the traffic is clogged on Second Avenue but after tests, the WMRA have called for action.

A spokesperson said: “Over the last three months, three separate trials were held to check on speeding vehicles in Waterhouse Moor.

“Trial number one was with hand-held radar guns. During this trial, very few drivers exceeded the 30 Mph limit.

“Following this, trials number two and three were implemented using rumble strips and a Black Box recorder and the data was recorded by Essex County Council and after analysis was released to Waterhouse Moor Residents’Association”.

A representative of WMRA attended the Highways Panel meeting on 17th June, at the Civic Centre where the speed trial figures were discussed and the Mean/Average speeds were around 22 Mph, in each direction and they considered that this and the volume of traffic was not excessive for a residential area such as Waterhouse Moor.

However, WMRA intend to challenge these findings as they are not interested in `Mean Speeds` or vehicles that are travelling within the law ONLY those that are speeding.

From the figures WMRA believe that around 10,500 vehicles are speeding per year down this road section. Many drivers were aware of the speeding trials and slowed down and it is our assumption that the figures are therefore much higher.

The WMRA agree that vehicle speeds of 50 and 60 Mph are regularly being seen in this 30 Mph zone and have video evidence as proof. WMRA are seeking Police and Council help to obtain a speed reduction to 20 Mph and also welcome any other suggestions regarding how vehicle can be slowed or re-routed.

Vice Chair of WMRA, Nishall Garala: said “We cannot wait around for an accident to happen, of course it is not all drivers that are speeding down this road, but the ones that are, need to know that WMRA will not tolerate this and will take whatever steps are necessary to make our road safer for our community!”

Bush Fair ward councillor Ian Beckett said: “I believe the Residents’ Association are taking the right action. They have seen the figures from the speed tests and have highlighted from the figures that there are a large amount of road users that are speeding but, the percentage is not big enough to cause “concern” to Essex County Council.

“I support the Residents’ Association taking further action to get the attention of the authorities to look further into the figures.”

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