Recycling rates in Harlow declining

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RECYCLING and composting rates in Harlow have fallen, in line with an Essex-wide trend according to the latest figures from the county council.

Cllr Roger Walters, cabinet member for waste and recycling, said: “Recycling rates in Essex and nationally are falling but it remains as important as ever to carry on recycling.

“Essex has a growing population. As landfill space reduces and cost for waste disposal increases we all need to try and avoid waste, and to recycle and reuse so that money can be spent on delivering valued services rather than landfill tax.

“There is no excuse for not recycling in Essex as we make it easy for everyone to do so.”

Between April 2012 and March 2013, the waste recycled in Harlow was 48.4%, compared to 66.7% in best-performing Rochford and 29.8% in bottom of the pile Tendring.

However in the following 12 months, the total for Harlow was 47.02% in Harlow. Rochford declined to 65.46% and Tendring slipped to 26.92%.

Although Essex is continuing to recycle more than the national average, recycling rates are starting to fall and the total amount of waste in the county is increasing. The totals for all waste collection authorities across Essex fell from 50.29% to 49.85% over the same period.

A large proportion of waste can be recycled, including bottles, cans, plastics, paper and cardboard, textiles, metals, food waste, garden waste, electrical and electronic equipment and timber.

All district and borough councils operate kerbside recycling schemes and recycling banks and rubbish can also be taken to one of the county’s 21 recycling and household waste centres.

According to the county, residents should also consider re-using items they are considering throwing away, such as using food leftovers to make new dishes or swapping old clothes with friends.

A full list of what can be recycled either at the kerbside or at recycling and household waste centres and ideas for reusing rubbish can be found on www.recycleforessex.co.uk.

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2014-07-16 14:52:47

People just cannot be bothered. Until the Council 'grows a pair' and gets a grip of repeat 'non recyclers' this will only get worse. They need to educate and if necessary make an example of some of these. You know who they are. They're the ones that never put out blue/green bins and always have lots of purple/black bags. The street teams see this week after week. You can see through the purple bags - it doesn't take much to see who these people are.

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