As Gypsy travellers go from Latton Common to Katherines: Former councillor slams Harlow Council

Politics / Thu 17th Jul 2014 at 07:10am

AN open letter from Lee Dangerfield to Harlow Council.

Dear Mr Morley

ONCE again I feel the need to write to you in relation to the travellers. Court papers as I understand were issued to them yesterday and at 8 o’clock last night they were seen to be starting to move away from the common.

By 8.30 they were seen driving down Southern Way in the direction of Kathrines.

I’m now led to believe that this is where they are again sited.

Surely the council understands that once papers are issued as they have done many times before they will move on? Also there was no press release again from the council to inform residents as the on goings of this situation which I feel is incorrect and this whole situation in relation to communication to Harlow’s residents has been below what it needs to be.

Why wasn’t other land protected in order for them to be denied access? Whilst I understand that not all areas can be protected we are not talking about one or two caravans here but many so the areas of land that would need protecting is reduced.

As I have stated before again vast sums of money has again now been wasted in order for this whole cat and mouse game to start again.

When will the council deal with this issue once and for all and also explain to the residents why this whole game is taking so long in order to either raise the issues faced with the correct ministers or as least have a correct understanding?

Could you also point me in the right direction as to any other council that has had to deal with an issue this size for so long?

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