Families flocked to a Freshwaters primary school to enjoy a “day at the beach”.

Education: Primary / Fri 18th Jul 2014 at 12:59pm

FRESHWATERS Primary Academy, in School Lane, Harlow, welcomed pupils, parents and neighbours along for its first ever Party in the Park.

The outdoor event, which was held as a replacement to the traditional school summer fete, saw head of school Marios Solomonides fire up the barbecue while his pupils organised the rest of the event along with the PTA.

Mr Solomonides said: “The children literally did it all themselves. It was their project and they took total control. Even when the party had finished, a group of Year 6 pupils took it upon themselves to stay behind and tidy everything away, which wasn’t an easy task. That proved to me, they felt it was their event. Some of the Year 6 also set up a stall to sell Loom bracelets, bookmarks, ice pops and sweets to raise money for their summer ball.

“It was also lovely to see our parents get stuck in, too. They didn’t wait to be asked, they just all chipped in to make the event a success for their children and the community.

“This was about breaking down barriers and welcoming our community into the school. I am so pleased with how it went.”
Visitors enjoyed bouncy castles, picnics, a talent show and a visit from popular book character the Gruffalo.

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