Come and try day a great success at Harlow Rugby Club

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ON Saturday 19th July, Harlow Rugby Club hosted a free open day so kids can come along and “Give Mini Rugby a Try!” the intention was to get as many kids as possible having fun and playing a bit of rugby.

They did exceptionally well, much better turn out than expected and 40 new kids including two from overseas. To put that in perspective we only had 80 something kids in all the mini’s last year!

The event also attracted attention from people who were unable to attend on the day, two emails apologising they couldn’t make it and four registered interest for future sessions.

The day wasn’t just for the new kids, with many of the kids who have been a big part of the club so far also joining in.

The day started with kids and their parents signing up for the day, the kids then separated into their age groups and started to have fun.

The sessions involved practicing the skills of running, passing, catching and tagging or for the older kids a little tackle practice.

Part of the day involved teaching the kids a cultural element, and what better than to teach the kids a rugby song. Each of the groups practiced this before coming together at the end to sing together, and they took to it like a duck to water, take a look

It was a great day and the rain managed to hold off which was a massive bonus, the kids all left tired with a big smile on their faces and a certificate.

A massive thank you to the volunteers from across the club who helped pull this all together and make it such a success.


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