The Simon and Garfunkel Story: The sound of a standing ovation!

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A PACKED Harlow Playhouse rose as one at the end of a wonderful performance by The Simon and Garfunkel Story.

Let us get this straight from the start. This is not a tribute act or even an impersonation. There is so much more to this performance.

Paul Simon (Dean Elliott) and Art Garfunkel (Jonny Smart) bring an authentic feel to the whole performance as they travel from 1957 and their minor hit as Tom and Jerry through to the re-union concert in Central Park in 1982.

Jonny is blessed with a beautiful voice which is at its most potent at the end when they perform Bridge Over Troubled Waters. They are also helped by a very tight and proficient rhythm section (Leon Camfield, Murray Gardiner, Josh Powell) at the back, that are lit and set perfectly.

Then there is Dean. Dean’s performance is the glue that keeps the whole thing together. A great voice, a very good guitarist and terrific stage presence.

The duo also develop a lovely rapport with the audience, especially on an evening when it was stiflingly hot. We are sure the duo really appreciated the costume change into turtlenecks!

The use of slides at the back brought you back to the sixties in america but they also helped build up an atmosphere of Bleecker Street in 1963 and Brooklyn in 1967.

You still could not help but go back to the level of musicianship. You get the opening guitar piece of Mrs Robinson wrong or the bongos of Cecilia off key then it could be a disaster but not this performance. And that was the secret, they played the hits so well. “I am a Rock”, “America”, “The Boxer. Even less well known songs such as Richard Cory and Late in the Evening.

The show was also wonderfully paced and structured. It was no wonder that this production is set to move onto the West End and it is no wonder they received a standing ovation. Infact one of the YH reporters did declare that they had “sore hands clapping.”

A wonderful end to the Playhouse season. Roll on September and their wonderful season of shows.

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