Harlow man in bid to stand for Green Party in 2015 (but he needs your help).

Politics / Thu 31st Jul 2014 at 02:43pm

By Hannah Clare

FOR the first time, the Green Party are looking to stand in the 2015 General Election in Harlow. Former Harlow teacher Murray Sackwild has announced his intention to stand and is looking for help from local residents and groups to help him fundraise the £500 deposit required.

So why do we need a candidate in Harlow?

Well, as Murray aptly puts it himself “Harlow is one of the most marginal seats in the country. “

Current MP Robert Halfon, who won the seat for the conservatives in 2010, previously challenged former Labour MP Bill Rammell in 2005 and lost by only 97 votes. With the rise of UKIP in the recent council elections, it is clear that voters are looking for an alternative. The Green Party can undoubtedly offer this.

“Next May the Tories, Labour, Lib-Dems and UKIP will go head-to-head with virtually identical neoliberal policies – singing the praises of big business and the free market. “

“The GREENS offer a real choice, a genuine alternative and the people of Harlow deserve the opportunity to vote for a GREEN candidate. Unlike the others – backed by wealthy donors – the GREENS will need to raise funds for our deposit in Harlow. “

The Green Party can offer a bright future for Harlow residents. They stand for making a more equal Britain by increasing taxes on the richer 1% of society. This could raise 15% of the running costs of the NHS, ensuring that the cuts to vital services can be avoided.

They would also introduce a living wage, increasing the minimum wage from £6.31 an hour to £7.65, helping to increase the cost of living for many people. The 2011 census showed Harlow had an average wage lower than the average of both Essex and Britain as a whole

In an online survey, 17% of people in Harlow selected the Green Party’s policies, coming second behind the Labour Party at 20%, as those they most agreed with and topped the list in two areas – crime and education. As a teacher, Murray has the personal experience to show that the Green Party’s education policies would be effective in ensuring the best system for Britain.

Nationally, the party already has one MP (former leader Caroline Lucas for Brighton Pavilion) and looks to gain Bristol West following a 2% lead in the 2014 council elections in the areamurray. By standing in Harlow now, we can ensure that Harlow is added in this list in years to come.

If you are interested in donating to Murray’s campaign, please visit http://bit.ly/Murray4Harlow and for more information on the Green Party, visit http://www.greenparty.org.uk

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3 Comments for Harlow man in bid to stand for Green Party in 2015 (but he needs your help).:

2014-08-04 14:59:30

Is this the same Green Party that allowed rubbish to pile up 10ft high in Brighton with a Green Council Group split down the middle? The same Green Party that wants to spend more on wind turbines and rejects fracking to send your fuel bills even higher? The same Green Party that believes in the abolition of the Queen and our Monarchy? The same Green Party that wants even closer EU working than even the Liberal Democrats? The same Green Party that wants to give everyone Jobseekers Allowance and then claim it back in tax!? Vote Green - get Loonies! I think he'll be waiting a long time for that £500 frankly!

2014-08-04 19:52:44

The Green Party that is the only party opposing continuing the neoliberal Free Market global free for all. Much of your information is exaggerated guff - but yes the Green Council in Brighton had great problems imposing the outrageous restraints put on it by Central Government. That doesn't damn the whole Party or its alternatively policies. Fracking is potentially massively dangerous - Wind Turbines aren't. I personally don't have an issue with the Monarchy - but it's hardly democratic is it? Greens support a reformed EU - but also support an in/out referendum. Also seeks a fair system of benefits and a fair system of taxation - as opposed to the currently broken system where billions are lost due to deceit and corruption. Not quite as loony when explained briefly but coherently is it?

2014-08-06 17:54:52

Firstly exaggered guff is insulting, because every word I've said is exactly right and Green Party Policy - I've just been on your website and checked! How do you oppose a free market? You nationalise everything - which judging by Green Railway policy - seems to be what you want - an outdated socialist world that has failed every single place it has been tried. Brighton Council struggled with the outrageous contrains put on it by central government - well Brighton is the only Green run Council, and every single other Council seems to manage and seems able to collect the rubbish! Fracking is massively dangereous? How do you know? They have large numbers of plants in the States and elsewhere with no recorded problems. Ludrious and her team of protestors were rightly arrested and should have moved on when politely requested to do so. Wind turbines are not dangerous? Tell that to the high number of birds and bats they have killed. Surely the large subsidies given to rich landowners to have them goes against everything you stand for does it not? Plus they have to be powered by electricity when their is no wind, and turned off when the winds are too high - which suggests they are dangerous in too much wind! Meaning more cost onto our energy bills! I would agree as a high level sailor the lack of good investment into wave technology is a joke! Greens support a reformed EU - so what would you reform? Good that you support a referendum - but you want to stay in whatever happens - quote - you're leader and your one MP! Fair system of benefits? So how do you do that without setting a maximum so work pays? Answer - you can't! Plus if you don't control immigration properly you have no idea how much you'll need for anything anyway. However I do agree HS2 needs to go! As for the Monarchy - no, it's not democratic - but you want stronger closer EU links - and that's even less democratic! Sadly your party lives in a fantasy world that does not exist - but no, you're not all bad!

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