Fire breaks out at illegal traveller camp on old Passmores school site

Politics / Sat 9th Aug 2014 at 11:06am

IT GOES like this. Our reporter was returning to their car after filming in the Water Gardens when they looked across at the illegal traveller site at the former Passmores school site. We could see a small fire breaking out. So, as you can see below, we filmed the fire.

Gypsy Passmores Fire

We are confident that all the relevant authorities will do their job between now and when a certain man from Westminster comes to visit on Monday. Because you wouldn’t want us to ask any awkward questions. Would you?

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5 Comments for Fire breaks out at illegal traveller camp on old Passmores school site:

Lee Dangerfield
2014-08-09 11:25:44

What you mean like why hasn't the Labour council brought in by laws set out by the government in 2013.

2014-08-10 07:47:34

Fires are very useful for burning off coatings from copper wires to remove identification - or so I understand, not having tried it myself.

2014-08-10 11:11:04

The travellers continue to poke fun at all the authorities in Harlow whilst at the same time making our lives a misery and spending our local taxes. Now that the latest encampment on the grounds of old Passmores school is in full view of Harlow Civic Centre and the Police Station will those in charge, who's job it is to rid the town of these undesirable people, sit up and take notice, I doubt it. They should take this opportunity and do just as 'YourHarlow' has done and spend a short time to observe the law breaking taking place in the site and act accordingly. The police should do as Robert Halfon MP suggests and use more of the lawful powers available to address this situation. Use this opportunity to confront the travellers with multiple agencies, check that all their vehicles are roadworthy and taxed and ensure that any other registrations they are required to make are up to date. There are two things that will rid Harlow of travellers, i) money, make them pay for their lifestyle or ii) harassment, the Police and other agencies should use the laws at their disposal to hound these people into moving away. It is clear that the current approach of issuing worthless movement notices and then going to Court when they fail, does not work. We need our local government to change the law, it’s not working.

2014-08-11 10:35:46

OK - there can be no argument - they are trespassing. Why have they not been arrested? Where do they get their water from? Fuel from a garage and propane is either nicked (must be if they can just afford to leave the canisters around when leaving a site) or bought locally, but water?

Lee Dangerfield
2014-08-11 16:32:28

I'm told there water comes from a tap out side the garage in the pinnicales it's free for them. I may go there my self

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