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My Name is Nishall Garala. I am a student at Harlow College. I am recognised for my passion for community work, empowering young people to have a voice in their community and try my utmost to make a difference in the community. I would like to see new enrichment activities and more opportunities in the community for our future leaders to participate in, to enable young people to learn and live in a society where they can grow and become valuable and respected members.

During my journey I came across a fabulous opportunity where I can attend an international summit in Dublin, Ireland called “One Young World”. This summit is “Where young leaders start leading,” and I with your help can take this fantastic opportunity. This is an the opportunity of a lifetime to engage with world leaders and up-and-coming leaders by working together to figure out and implement solutions to the problems of today.

A phrase I have hear countless “Think globally, work locally.” while doing community service, and by attending this summit I will not only be able to think but also experience the global work and bring this valuable experience back to my community that I love to serve.
Blogpiece by Nishall Garala

“I am passionate about three fields: Business, Education and Leadership. My dream is to develop the next generation of conscientious community minded young leaders by guiding companies to invest in our young people in order to improve the quality of life of people in my community and all over the world.

As a valued member of our society in Harlow, I am writing in my blog this week to you to ask for help in getting me to the summit, as I am looking for sponsorship towards the fee for the delegates to pay. I need to raise £3,500 which would cover the registration and travel cost. Please consider making a donation to help offset the costs associated with this summit. To be able to attend the One Young World Summit,

If you wish to donate any amount you can do it via this link http://www.gofundme.com/Nishall and please shared this link with your friends and family

Please do read more about this fantastic adventure and what difference it has already made to so many young people across the world http://www.oneyoungworld.com/

Thank you for taking your time to this blog and free feel to contact me with any questions.


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