A Gathering of Goddesses is coming to Harlow

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Gathering of Goddesses

Gathering of Goddesses Workshop

A truly magical experience surrendering, letting go and being open to unconditional love and light is coming to Harlow.

Gathering women goddesses together to open their hearts, channel unconditional love and light, and find their soul’s path.

They will work with the goddesses, ascended masters, angels and beings of the highest frequency, with the greatest intentions of bringing peace and love to you.

They intend to:

Create new beginnings
Bring change and balance to mind, body and soul
Increase self love
Bring happiness and joy
Offer unconditional love
Invoke your goddess and enable her to shine
Align your soul to its intended path

Organiser, Stacy Bain said: “I will work with my team of guides to bring through rays of love and light to clear blocks and to re-balance your inner being. Self-love is where you begin your journey: empowering your soul to shine and align with your soul’s path.

“This work requires you to look within and release your old ways. Together we will look to better days and let your GODDESS shine like a star.

“All goddesses will need to participate with group work.

After the gathering you may experience:

“Being full of joy, feeling uplifted and having a new sense of self-awareness. Shifts in consciousness, beliefs and old behavior patterns may occur: releasing the old to make way for the new.

You must drink plenty of water before, during and after, as this will help with the process.

“Gathering of Goddesses is a magical experience for all and you should come with open mind, to all possibilities. You are loved unconditionally, there are no limits to your capabilities and talents…You are a GODDESS”.

£10 per person. Limited Spaces if you would like book in advance please contact Stacy Bain on 07872531419
or email [email protected]

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