Councillor still adamant that street lights must be back on

Politics / Sun 21st Sep 2014 at 01:09pm

By Matthew Critchell

THE ongoing controversy of the street lights in Harlow was at the centre of a debate at Harlow Council.

The consensus across the council chamber was that more action was needed on this.

Council leader, cllr Jon Clempner said: “The discussion to turn the lights off was passed without the theory being tested.

“This left the public with no assurance of safety”.

Cllr Clempner spoke of complaints from the public, including how taxi drivers felt obliged to ‘escort’ customer to their houses.

Councillor Jean Clark told the council how some women were advised to take a torch if they wanted to venture out at night.

The veteran councillor also mentioned how drivers could not see obstacles such as bollards and potholes, even the pavements are dangerous in the darkness.

Tory leader, councillor Andrew Johnson spoke about a ‘responsible’ letter being sent to Essex County Council explaining why Harlow’s lights must be put on.

He said: “Hard conversations need to take place between the council and county council and the onus to prove why lights should be on lies with Harlow council.

YH spoke to Councillor Johnson after the meeting and he said Essex County Council will listen if Harlow’s case is strong enough.

He added if the council develop a better argument as to why the street lights must be on then ‘some success’ is achievable.

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1 Comment for Councillor still adamant that street lights must be back on:

2014-09-30 14:18:19

The time for Politics on this is over - all the Harlow Group leaders must sign one letter to the Leader and Chief Executive of Essex CC and demand they are turned back on. Due to the large piece of software they have bought to do this, no money will be saved until 2020-21 anyway! It's a stupid and dangerous policy for the residents of Essex!

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