Cooks Spinney reveal their secret garden

Burnt Mill Academy / Tue 30th Sep 2014 at 10:06am

Cooks Spinney GardenCHILDREN will soon be able to enjoy learning in a hidden forest within their school.

A long forgotten wildlife area in the grounds of Cooks Spinney Primary School, in Cooks Spinney, Harlow, is having new life breathed into it.

An overgrown pond has been rediscovered and renewed and exciting outdoor classroom spaces are being uncovered in the wooded area.

Stuart Pope, head of school, said: “This is the first step to a whole new area which the children will look after and take inspiration from.

“There has been a padlock on the gate around it for years. It would be a crime not to make use of this wonderful space. The opportunities are endless.”

Older pupils have previously only enjoyed outdoor learning on their Year 6 residential trips, but this work – funded by the Friends of Spinney – will open up a whole new world to all age groups.

Children will be encouraged to research the wildlife they come across, to write factual pieces of work as well as to be inspired by the outdoors to boost their imaginations and creative writing.

Night vision cameras will also be set up so the children can monitor what happens when they are not at school.

Mr Pope said: “Some of the children have seen the newts we discovered in the pond area and have gone off to research them off their own backs because they were so interested.

There have been woodpeckers and all sorts of other birds and wildlife seen in this area, so we will be putting bird boxes up to encourage even more activity for the children to watch and learn from.

“We want to provide opportunities outside of the classroom and to inspire creative and factual writing. There will be seating areas hidden among the forest for children to sit and read, write and take in their surroundings.

“The area will also encourage our children’s nurturing side as this is something they need to take care of. It’s about focusing on the whole child.

“This is another wonderful opportunity for our children.”

The school is keen to receive donations of time and materials, such as bark chippings to make pathways, from its community and local businesses.

If you would like to get involved and help create this outdoor learning area, contact the school.

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2014-10-06 20:53:55

This is brilliant! We used this back in 1994 - 2000 when I was there!

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