Rugby: Harlow hammered by Upminster

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Upminster 51 v 5 Harlow

HARLOW had performed well over the previous two weeks all be it against what is perceived to be weaker teams in the League. They had prepared well during the week and were warned that Upminster would be a very different test.

Many of Harlow’s players failed to heed this warning and the warnings of a firm but fair referee. Harlow went out expecting the game to come to them.

From the first whistle Harlow made unforced errors and gave away needless penalties putting themselves under pressure. This pressure resulted in a lack of communication and further errors allowing Upminster to take an early lead.

Harlow were advised to calm down and start a fresh from the kick off. However, Ill discipline, unforced errors and a lack of communication again put Harlow under pressure on there line. Harlow defended well for several minutes and managed to win a penalty. This should have taken the pressure off and should have given Harlow some confidence in there defence. A poor clearance, poor chasing up again allowed Upminster to capitalise.

Harlow did produce one glimmer of hope resulting in a Will Grimley try. This did not however lift Harlow and a lack of discipline and basic strategy allowed Upminster to dominate for the rest of the half.

At half time, despite being several scores down it was felt the result was not out of reach. The interval briefing included requests to go back to basics, do the simple things well and improve discipline. These requests and advice appeared to be ignored. Harlow continued to give the ball away cheaply and unnecessarily. They missed first up tackles allowing the opposition to get in behind and then failed to defend.

All in all a very disappointing performance. Upminster are a good side but Harlow gave them the ball to play with allowed them to play. If Harlow are to improve, they must complete the basic skills as they did in previous weeks, not compound errors with a further error. They must improve on discipline and they must be prepared take on advice
if only to ensure the team work together.

It was not all bad for Harlow last weekend: The Ladies XV Won v Wymondham 33 – 0 in their league match. The U13 Won v Romford & Gidea Park 48 – 17 and the U16 Won v Hackney 48 – 26
In a triangular tournament v Wanstead and Barking large detachment of minis divided into teams and came away with a massive tally of tries.

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