Burnt Mill joins forces with Davenant to become teaching school

Burnt Mill Academy / Tue 7th Oct 2014 at 09:52am

A TEACHING school has been launched this month in Harlow to create outstanding teachers for across the country.

Burnt Mill Academy, in First Avenue, has been appointed as one of just a handful of teaching schools in the country.

With its own teaching classified as outstanding by Ofsted, the school has been asked to help others to reach the same standards, by creating the very best teachers.

John Blaney, associate headteacher, said: “The DfE asks the best schools in the country to support other schools to improve.

“Burnt Mill has been recognised as being in a strong position to support the development of teaching in other schools. We will do this while making sure teaching and student attainment remain outstanding within Burnt Mill.”

Burnt Mill joins forces with Davenant Foundation School, in Loughton, to work for three years to encourage graduates into teaching.

Helena Mills, headteacher at Burnt Mill, said: “This is wonderful news for Harlow and will be a way of attracting fantastic teachers to work in the town, in both our primary and secondary schools. We will be making sure we get the very best teachers for Harlow and are able to keep them within the town.

“We already train about ten teachers each year, but as a teaching school we will now be able to train even more. We also have the licence to run national qualifications for headteachers and middle leaders and will be inviting other schools to take part in our excellent procedures for professional development. We will be a centre for people to come and develop not just their teaching, but to take on additional qualifications to become leaders in education.

“The Government’s aim is system-led improvement and that means the best schools with the best leaders, the best teachers and the best systems will help others to improve.

“Not all schools which apply are accepted as teaching schools, so this is an amazing responsibility to be given.”

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