Gay advisor gives keynote speech to Burnt Mill students

YOUNG students listened intently as a woman told her story of coming out as gay.

Senior cabinet advisor Amy Saunders visited Burnt Mill Academy, in First Avenue, Harlow, with lesbian, gay and bisexual charity Stonewall.

The school is a Stonewall champion, promoting tolerance of others, regardless of sexual orientation.

The successful woman told students in Year 7 how she refused to let a challenging time at school stand in her way.

Shawki Bakkar, head of Year 7, said: “Youngsters sometimes band about the word ‘gay’ in the playground without truly knowing its meaning.

“I thought it would be very worthwhile to work with Stonewall to give students a real insight into what being gay really means. Amy was able to tell her very personal story about coming out and how she has made a huge success of her life.

“Students listened intently and asked very sensible questions, such as has being gay helped or hindered her in any way.”

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