Appliance of science at Roydon primary

Science at RoydonCHILDREN arrived at school to find pieces of egg shell rotting in their classroom.

The discovery was the result of a scientific experiment by chemist Tim Collins, governor at Roydon Primary School, in Epping Road, Roydon.

Year 6 had left the pieces of egg shell in jars of fizzy drink, orange juice and apple juice to see the effect it had to get an idea of how it might affect their teeth.

Mr Collins’ visit was part of the school’s work to demonstrate real-life careers to students.

He said: “This is a great way of integrating lessons into something more fun. It is hands-on stuff like this that really grabs their attention and opens their eyes to potential careers.”

Children also carried out experiments in paper chromatography and to discover how much salt there is in crisps.

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