BBC Apprentice star Bianca Miller runs personal branding workshop for Harlow College students

Education: Secondary / Thu 5th Mar 2015 at 10:12am

Photo courtesy of Harlow College

By Siobhan Wood

BUSINESS Students at Harlow College spent an afternoon with The Apprentice finalist Bianca Miller who ran a workshop on personal branding, starting their own business and being the best they can be.

Bianca, who is Managing Director of The Be Group, a company which offers personal development services, spoke about her career history and offered many insights to the keen young entrepreneurs, who took full advantage of the opportunity to pick a successful businesswoman’s brains.

Bianca said: “The students at Harlow College have been really lovely and I had some really interesting, exciting questions from them.

“I love talking to students. I think generally speaking they don’t always get that opportunity to ask questions of someone who has been in business or who comes from the perspective of personal branding, employability and understands what it’s like to journey from education into entrepreneurship or employment.

“I went to a very good secondary school but I didn’t feel that we had enough of that input about what happened next.

“I think the expectation is you leave, you go to university, you go and get an apprenticeship and you just find your way in life but often I think a lot of young people don’t have that person there to guide them and say: “OK you finish this; now this is the next chapter of your life; this is what you should be doing to make the most of that opportunity.”

The interactive, engaging workshop looked at how students can market themselves and create a personal brand, which is illustrated by The Be Group’s acronym PACK: Presentation, Approach, Communication and Knowledge.

Bianca said: “We look at each section of PACK and talk about how to dress, how to physically present yourself and the effect that body language and grooming has on the seven seconds to make a first impression.

“We’ll look at approach so again body language and understanding your target audience so you become the solution to the problem: the problem being there’s a job vacancy or a university vacancy and you want to fill that position.

“We look at communications, so that’s face to face, over the phone, social media and understanding how the communication can affect your opportunities.

“And lastly K being knowledge, so the experience you’ve had, be it at a university setting or a Saturday job, and how you can utilise that experience to build your foundations and a good CV.”

Charlotte Creagh, Assistant Academy Manager, who organised the event said: “The aim of the workshop was to create a greater awareness of the importance of branding yourself in such a competence industry from somebody currently making their stamp on the industry and whom is very successful.

“It was also to support those learners not going to university to consider that work experience, volunteering or starting your own business is important and possible and to inspire our business students of Harlow College to aspire high, dream big and to unlock their potential.

“The students really responded well to Bianca – she was great and the students were all very keen to find out more about the journey of setting up your business and life after The Apprentice TV show.”

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