Outstanding achievements in hair awards at Harlow College

Communities / Mon 9th Mar 2015 at 06:30pm

THE competition was the ninth annual Harlow College Hair and Beauty show, for the Level 2 Hairdressing students.

Each year a new theme is chosen and this year’s theme was ‘The Seasons of the Year’. Each student produces a ‘Mood board’ (a board covered in ideas that eventually gives a visual representation of how the finished look they chose, evolved).

The students each had a model and had to design their entire look, including hair, make up (helped by the talented beauty students) and costume.

Principal of Harlow College – Karen Spencer said: “The students showed great flair and creativity, using the theme of the ‘Seasons’ to inspire new hairstyles. Participating in a skills competition with industry experts judging really helps their confidence and prepares them for a competitive world.

“I am really proud of their achievements and excited for the winners who now get to compete in a regional competition”

Competition Winner – Lillie West, Harlow (LV2 Diploma in Hairdressing) said: “I still can’t believe I won the competition, It’s such a great achievement and I’m so proud of myself. I practised, practised and practised so I’m glad all the hard work and effort I put in payed off!
Now I’m looking forward to going on to the next stage of the competition and representing the College!”

Senior tutor – Debbie Thaddeus said: “The show was a resounding success and we are very proud of all the hair and beauty students who took part and produced such great results.

“Competitions like this are very common in the glamour industry, this event stimulated the students imaginations and creative skills which will help prepare them for the many challenges they will face in the commercial word”

Head Judge – Pete, Chris & Sons Hair and Beauty Wholesalers said: Hair at Harlow College“Once again Harlow College students have excelled with an exceptionally high standard of work. With not only the fantastic hair work, but make up and costumes to compliment the overall look. Chris and Sons look forward to the Harlow students who will representing the College in our annual student of the year competition, competing against other College from London and the South East, a competition that has been previously won by a Harlow College student”

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