Harlow Common horses: “We were only trying to help”

A HARLOW man who was charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a horse on Harlow Common says he was only trying got help.

Sam Thorne (21) eventually had all the charges against him dropped but his friend Aaron Gumble pleaded guilty and was fined and banned from looking after horses.

The two had tried to take care of a horse that they say was abandoned by travellers up on the Latton and Harlow Common areas.

At the time, a number of horses had been reported for wandering loose on the A414.

Sam Thorne takes up the story. He said: “Most people in Harlow can tell you that there was a real problem with horses running wild back in the winter.

“We live nearby, we tried to do something. Call us Good Samaritans if you like but someone had to.

“We tried and then we find that the RSPCA are building up a case against us.

“Aaron (Gumble) got a £1200 fine for a good deed. If there are horse running around the traffic in Harlow, then don’t blame us!”

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