Brand new uniform for Cooks Spinney Primary Academy

Burnt Mill Academy / Sat 28th Nov 2015 at 03:19pm

Cooks Spinney New UniformA BRAND new uniform has been unveiled at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy.

The school, in Cooks Spinney, Harlow, is going through a rebrand with a new logo and a tweaked name from School to Academy to reflect the journey it is on with the Burnt Mill Co-operative Academy Trust.

To complete the refresh, the school has also redesigned its uniform, switching from red to green.
Stuart Pope, head of school, said: “Our new school logo – featuring our new motto, Per ardua ad astra (through adversity to the stars) – is amazing and is everything about where we are taking the school.

It’s about being aspirational and not setting any ceiling on our ambitions. We are bringing the school into the 21st century so this rebrand is necessary.

“The uniform and moving to green works with our identity and curriculum with engaging with the outdoors.

“Our children are proud to come here, our teachers are proud to work here. It’s a really good place to be and a great time to be here.”

The uniform will be available at Top Form from January, but not compulsory until September 2016.

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