Parents get involved with learning at Freshwaters

Burnt Mill Academy / Wed 16th Dec 2015 at 02:19pm

Fresh HelpIT’S not just all about the children at Freshwaters Primary Academy.

Mums and dads are also getting stuck in with school work and showing their children how important school is.

The school, in School Lane, Harlow, is keen for parents to get positively involved in school life as much as possible.

Santa has had plenty of help this festive season with parents joining their little elves to create Christmas gifts and decorations.

Every year group roped in parents as big elves, working hard in the elves workshops with their children.
Year 3 and 4 also enlisted the help of their families with a piece of long-term homework focusing on the Tudors, while Year 6 and their parents carried out a project together on Roman life.

As part of their lesson on Henry VIII and his castles, children were tasked with working at home to create their own building.

Head of school Marios Solomonides said: “The long-term homework project, in particular, showed huge parental support as the children could not have completed it without them.

“I feel parental support is vital as it is important to our pupils to see their parents like their school. Children will only work hard and respect the school if they see their parents also value it.

“I get so many emails and Tweets from parents thanking us for the opportunities we give our children. How often do we take the effort to write to someone to say a service was good; it has to be something pretty amazing to make people take the time to write to me like they do.

“We encourage parents to come in like never before. We want them to be a part of Freshwaters.”
Parents also supported the school by packing out the audiences of Christmas shows, concerts and nativity plays and donating funds towards a trip to the pantomime.

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