Burnt Mill Academy Trust set record straight on job losses

BURNT Mill Academy Trust has set the record straight on reports of redundancies across the school.

Speculation has been rife both at the front gates from Little Parndon to Cooks Spinney that jobs are about to go.

A spokesperson for the Trust said: “Nothing has been decided yet. A statement from BMAT said: “BMAT is looking to make savings across the six schools to ensure we have high quality teachers and adults, providing children with opportunities to be highly successful learners. The trust is looking to make savings, like all public sector organisations, to ensure that we use the reducing financial resources to have the greatest impact on the education, wellbeing and safety of our children.

“BMAT are currently in consultation with all staff in all of the schools. Each Head of School has formulated with the guidance of an HR consultant and the CEO for the trust, a new non-teaching staff structure. It is intended that the new structure will meet the particular needs of the children in their schools. As part of the consultation staff are able to put forward their views and suggestions, which will be reviewed by the trust.”

CEO of BMAT, Helena Mills added: “it is unfortunate for the community because many people potentially losing positions are residents of Harlow and we know that many other organisations in Harlow are faced with the same challenge.

“We know that everything we do over the next few months, will enable us to secure the future of the schools and the children who attend them, in our Academy Trust. We want to be able to continue to offer our extensive enrichment opportunities so children can take part in horse riding, musical tuition and other experiences at no additional cost to parents.”

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One Response to "Burnt Mill Academy Trust set record straight on job losses"

  1. mrsacky   February 10, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    Remarkable that Robert Halfon can feign concern and bewilderment when he’s the Deputy Chairman of the party whose real terms education cuts are causing this situation. If the Govt stop funding Education properly – which is what it’s done – schools will have to shed staff. Not wanting to shed teachers and increase class sizes reductions in non-teaching staff are always going to be the reluctant conclusion.

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