New head for Roydon primary

Burnt Mill Academy / Fri 23rd Sep 2016 at 10:18am

Roydon HeadA NEW headteacher has breathed positivity into Roydon Primary School just three weeks after he arrived.
Michael Clark joined Roydon Primary School, in Epping Road, Roydon, at the start of the new school year as head of school.

Having made the major switch from the inner city neighbourhood of Park Primary School, in East London, he has been bowled over by the rural community of Roydon.

Mr Clark, who was assistant headteacher at Park Primary, said: “I wanted a change, something out of London, something different.
“As soon as I came to visit Roydon, I fell in love with the school. It is the complete opposite of what I’m used to. I’ve come from a buzzy, ethnically diverse, inner city school to here, where we have a pond, a field, three football pitches and a woodland area!
“It is something that excited me and looked like a challenge.”

Mr Clark teams up with Stuart Pope, former head of school at Cooks Spinney Primary Academy and now executive headteacher of both, to lead the school to the next chapter of its journey.

The schools are part of the Burnt Mill Co-operative Academy Trust which also looks after Burnt Mill Academy, Freshwaters Primary Academy and Little Parndon Primary School in Harlow.

The new head of school’s job at Roydon is to focus on improving the standards of teaching and learning while Mr Pope releases the pressure by handling all other aspects of managing the school.

Mr Clark, who replaced outgoing head of school Jenni Elliott, said: “Roydon is a school with so much potential; it just needs that potential fulfilling with a little bit of love.

“My first priorities have been establishing how the school already runs day to day and building relationships with the whole Roydon community, from pupils and parents to the local church. I have asked the children what they want and lots of parents have already come forward to offer their help with things like decorating and revamping our disused pond.

“We have also reintroduced trips and visitors and events such as Jeans for Genes day – Roydon has been lacking a bit of fun; we want children to love coming to school every day. The new enriched curriculum is part of that. It gets children out of the classroom, inspires them to be the best they can be and uses the spaces we have got to give them a great day so they want to come back and do the best they can.”

New structures have already been put into place, with pupils now lining up for lesson time rather than running in from the playground and assemblies moving from afternoon to morning in response to pupil feedback.

Mr Pope said: “Michael has been amazing. The new positivity in school has been taken to really well. The children are going home happy at the end of the day.

“Swift and decisive is our new way of doing things at Roydon. We want parents to know we take things seriously and there are channels in place for them to go through to get things done.

“Mr Clark and I are making this happen together. I would be excited if my child came here.”

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