Harlow schools could be set to face “devastating” cuts

Politics / Wed 9th Nov 2016 at 08:34am

DISADVANTAGED children in Harlow are likely to be hit hardest by Government changes to school funding, according to a new School Cuts interactive website from the National Union of Teachers (NUT).

The NUT and the ATL are calling on the Government to take immediate action to inject much needed money into the system and protect schools from rising costs.

According to the website, Harlow schools may face cuts that could see 150 teachers being made redundant.


Stewards Academy may face over one million pounds worth of cuts and lose up to 27 teaching posts.

2016 budget: £6,514,000
Estimated 2020 budget in real terms: £5,485,475
Change in annual budget by 2020: -£1,028,525

An industry expert told YT “Because of the high needs funding that some schools have historically received and due to the number of students with additional needs, many have been cushioned by the minimum funding guarantee that the govt is removing in 2020.

“I would say (and really hope this is true) that it is overly pessimistic but even if it is showing double the final amount of cuts (which I doubt it is that wrong) it is potentially disastrous”.

According to the website, Harlow schools could face the following cuts.

Stewards: 1,028,523
Passmores: 963,674
Burnt Mill: 882,830
St Marks: 457,158
Mark Hall: 200,668
UTC: 38,788

Hare Street: 148,843
Longwood: 141,244
Latton Green: 126,104
Holy Cross: 123,295
St Albans: 119,417
Freshwaters: 116,927
The Downs: 104,230
St Lukes: 103,319
Pear Tree:100,750
Milwards: 95,453
Little Parndon: 94,934
St James: 84,191
Cooks Spinney: 82,430

Abbotsweld: 72,545
Purford Green: 71,523
Potter Street 70,726

Henry Moore: 69,716
Roydon: 68,148
Water Lane: 67,349

Fawbert and Barnard: 57,780
Church Langley: 55,130
William Martin: 54,876
Churchgate Street: 54,710
Harlow Bury: 53,727
Katherines: 53,430
Jerounds: 53,253
Tany’s Dell: 52,823

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