Cooks Spinney is ready for Ofsted!

Burnt Mill Academy / Sat 18th Mar 2017 at 07:44am

A Harlow primary school is eagerly awaiting a visit from Ofsted, having gained high praise from a variety of education leaders.

Cooks Spinney Primary Academy, in Cooks Spinney, is due a visit from the education authority anytime now.

While a visit from Ofsted can be daunting, the school is keen to be judged on the progress it has made since becoming part of the Burnt Mill Co-operative Academy Trust.

Executive headteacher Stuart Pope said: “There are 21,000 schools nationwide and, from the most recent SATs results, Cooks Spinney is in the top three per cent of them. We have taken the school from the bottom of that table to being among the best. Our results put us as the top primary school in Harlow.

“We have had a series of visits recently to check on our progress and we are confident Ofsted will be impressed with what they find here at Cooks Spinney.”
The school is also in the top quartile of Essex schools for the percentage of children who gained at least the expected standard in reading, writing and maths combined at Key Stage 2.

In a personal letter of congratulations, Clare Kershaw, a director in the education department of Essex County Council, said: “Congratulations to you and your colleagues on this success, we know that achieving high standards and significant improvement with children is very demanding. Your results have further embedded the depth and breadth of excellence shown in Essex’s primary school sector.”

Nicola Woolf, primary lead commissioner on standards and excellence for Essex County Council, paid a visit and reported: “The school is in a strong position to evidence that they are now secured Good based on 2016 outcomes and the work that has taken place at the school since the last inspection.”

A team from the office of regional school commissioner for the east of England, Dr Tim Coulson, have also visited to ensure it is on track to make the required improvements highlighted during the last inspection in 2015.

Mr Pope said: “During the visit, the team were using words like ‘inspiring’, ‘very strong’ and ‘progress is evident’ so we are really confident we are on the right tracks.”

Nick Gibb MP, Minister of State for School Standards, has written to the school team to congratulate them on the “high level of progress pupils in your school are making”.

The letter went on: “We want to ensure every child has the necessary fluency in reading, writing and mathematics to prepare them for a successful secondary education and beyond, and your school has provided this.”

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