Harlow College students help educate the public about hoax calls

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College students help educate the public about hoax calls

Amb College
There are around 10 hoax calls every day to ambulance services up and down the country and the region that covers Harlow is no different.

To help combat this and to raise awareness of the issues, the Ambulance Service asked students to produce a range of public information materials, including animation, videos and e-books which will be used in schools, in the media and online.

Steve Youens, Senior Emergency Medical Technician, spoke about the problem of hoax calls and how the materials will help: “This is one of the biggest projects I’ve worked on and the College students have gone beyond my expectations. It’s taken around seven months to produce everything and they’ve been fantastic. They’ve produced animation, an e-book and documentary videos, covering every aspect of hoax calls.

“Hoax calls and inappropriate calls are one of the main problems the Ambulance Service has to deal with – in a bad month we’ll receive hundreds – so it’s an issue we have to educate people about.

“When people make a hoax call they often have no idea of the impact their actions have. They’re not only putting myself and my colleagues lives at risk, they’re also putting the lives of the general public at risk as well.”

Joy Hale, Head of Communications at EEAS, said: “We firmly believe in working with younger people and the community around these issues. The students have been able to bring really bring this project to life.”

Delta Muntean, Head of Media & IT at Harlow College, said: “The students have worked extremely hard for the project and most of all enjoyed it. I am so proud of their final productions and I am confident they are now ready to face the demands of the media industry and work on further live project for the local community.”

Charlie, a Media student who worked on the project said: “The project was quite tough but really good to work on. We really put our hearts into it and the skills I learned will definitely help me later if I decide to go into the media industry.”

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