Kasabian to play at Burnt Mill after school wins Absolute Radio competition

Burnt Mill Academy / Tue 9th May 2017 at 01:17pm

KASABIAN will play at Burnt Mill Academy after the school won a competition on Absolute Radio.

The band, known for hits such as Fire and Underdog, will perform live in the school hall as part of the show’s broadcast with DJ Christian O’Connell.

Burnt Kasa

To win the competition, four students sang on a parody of the Kasabian song Club Foot, with lyrics changed to convince Christian O’Connell to choose the school.

School Media officer Adam Smith said students are excited to get to see the band play.

Mr Smith said: “It’s nuts. I have not said too much about it as I did not want to get everyone’s hopes up but we have only gone and won it.

“I explained the town had lost its music venue and I would like to replicate some of that in the school hall. I got a phone call saying we had been shortlisted.

“We had to cover a Kasabian song. We could choose any song and we went for a classic.”

Lyrics sung by Burnt Mill students Laura, Georgia, Alfie and Paige as part of the competition:

We’re Burnt Mill Academy,
We are not the enemy,
Wanna do good by our community,
Now they’ve lost their music venue

Home to the creative kids,
Where music and the arts mix,
Lost to a housing development,

We just need some Absolute investment

Ahhhh Christian we want you,
Ahhhh Christian we need you

Harlow is the town we love,
The past few years have been pretty rough,
With a killing making national news,
The finger pointed at the youths

But with venues and youth clubs closing down,
The trouble starts to spread around,
So help us keep it off our streets. With bands on the stage in a place to meet

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