Essex Police response to national security threat level

Crime / Thu 25th May 2017 at 06:12am

ARMED Essex Police officers will patrol major infrastructure sites across Essex and the county will see more local policing patrols as the force responds to the change in the national terrorist threat level.

The UK threat level from international terrorism is now ‘critical’ meaning an attack is expected imminently. This is a national threat level and is based on intelligence that is considered credible and specific.
There is no specific intelligence or evidence which relates to Essex.

Deputy Chief Constable BJ Harrington said: “From today and until further notice people in Essex will see an increased police presence in the county and that includes armed police officers. We are doing this to protect and reassure the public and we plan and train in great detail to respond to situations like this.”

“The national operation that has been put in place following the terrorist attack in Manchester will include military patrols supporting police operations in key national infrastructure locations. These plans are well-established. It is unlikely that you will see military personnel patrolling in Essex but if you do it does not mean that there is a specific threat near you.”

“Communities defeat terrorism, which is why we must maintain the strong relationship between the public and police. We depend on information from the public, who can be our eyes and ears, in our efforts to keep us all safe. Please report anything suspicious to the confidential anti-Terrorist Hotline on 0800 789321 or in an emergency dial 999.”

“In Essex today police officers will stay on duty for longer than usual to keep the county safe. We plan and prepare for such a response but I am extremely grateful to officers for the high quality and extremely swift response to the national security situation.”

Essex Police are asking members of the public to follow the force’s Twitter account, @essexpoliceUK check facebook at www.facebook.com/essexpoliceUK and follow local media websites and news broadcasts for further information. Information will also be published on the Essex Police website at www.essex.police.uk

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